3 Zodiac Signs Are Ready For A Long-Term Relationship From April 9 - 11

The Moon in Taurus, which rules long-term connections, is what we're working with April 9–11, 2024.

If you've been considering upgrading to the "long-term" model, welcome to one of the nicer days of the week as this transport smooths the journey. Who's ready?

Lunar Taurus energy is cozy and sweet. It's just what we need if we've been thinking of'settling down' or closing the deal with our partners by showing them we're in it to win.

No frivolous conduct this week. The Moon in Taurus is charming and gentle, yet we're serious about our future together.

Three zodiac signs may not require words to indicate their wish to stay together. One look in the eyes may do the trick.

You're known for flirting and playing. Joking about with your lover and yourself always cracks them up. You know when to take things seriously and when to be "at ease," and during the Taurus Moon, it's all about relaxing and enjoying every moment.


You've done everything right to maintain your relationship. Being alive and in love causes tough times, as you've seen. Capricorn, experience shows you that hard work pays off.


By 'this route,' we mean the pleasant vibes from the Taurus Moon. Taurus transits work for many. Aquarius, you should make the most of this week by knowing that you and your spouse have 'aced the test' and are doing better than predicted.