1: 1. The Great Train Robbery Famous for its audacity, this heist in 1963 involved a gang stealing £2.6 million from a mail train, stunning the world.

2: 2. The Big Maple Leaf Theft Discover how thieves stole a 220-pound gold coin worth $4.3 million from a Berlin museum, leaving experts astounded.

3: 3. The Brink's-MAT Robbery Uncover the notorious heist where ruthless criminals stole £26 million worth of gold bullion from a UK security warehouse.

4: 4. The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Heist Delve into the unsolved mystery surrounding the theft of 13 valuable artworks, including rare coins, from a Boston museum.

5: 5. The Banco Central Heist Learn about the daring heist that shocked Brazil as thieves dug a 78-meter tunnel to steal over $70 million worth of banknotes.

6: 6. The Perth Mint Swindle Explore the incredible story of a rogue employee who stole thousands of gold coins and bars worth over $600,000.

7: 7. The Carlton Hotel Vault Robbery Unveil the extraordinary robbery where thieves bypassed alarms and stole £60 million worth of jewelry, including rare coins.

8: 8. The British Museum Coin Heist Witness the audacious theft of 23 rare coins, valued at over £3 million, from the British Museum in 1983.

9: 9. The Moscow Mint Robbery Discover how an employee utilized his position to smuggle out over $1 million worth of unique coins from the Moscow Mint.