6 Planets Bring Incredible Luck To Love For 3 Zodiac Signs From Now To April 14

A New Moon in Aries, Sun conjunct Mercury, Moon conjunct Jupiter, a lunar alignment with Venus, and a large, gorgeous Sun-Moon transit spell love from April 8–14, 2024.

Maybe it's because we're all excited for Spring's beautiful weather and changes, but there's an aura of love that many of us can't deny.

Despite our desire for positive change in our love life, we'll let these three zodiac signs have their way this week as we restore relationships and organize fun vacations.

Not much forward-thinking this week. If we survive the month, we'll be very lucky!

Over the week, Mars/Aries energy guides us. This kind of planetary action can put people on edge, but we'll see how it strengthens our convictions.

We realize we must work for the ideal connection. So we will. We will succeed and be happy.

You must recognize that this is more than just a nice week. You're ready to see goodness. That's different. You changed, Cancer. If you keep spreading positivity, you'll attract the perfect love partners.


With the week's Jupiter-Venus energy and your innate spontaneity and romanticism, you'll probably feel accomplished in love.


You feel good as long as everything fall into their 'proper places,' Capricorn. The Saturn-Moon alignment from April 8–14, 2024