A revelation! Why is processed food so unhealthy?

Preserved, refined, or packaged food may be in your breakfast cereal, lunch baked beans, or evening frozen dessert. Fair enough, ‘processed’ food refers to many foods. 

Processed food is canned, frozen, dried, or pasteurized. Fat and salt are added to make food safe. Preservatives extend food shelf life.  

Sugar gives our brains a sensation of pleasure similar to drug addiction, causing unconscious cravings for highly processed foods and snacks. 

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The fiber is removed from processed food. Processed food takes less time and energy to digest, so your mind and body don't feel full, so you eat more. 

In canned orange juice, you may discover twenty aliases for sugar, such as fructose, sucrose, corn syrup, molasses, or nectar. 

Twenty to thirty chemicals used to manufacture 500 grams of cheese are more hazardous than tasty. Processed food can kill.  

Reduce processed food consumption. Consume more unpreserved food. Depend on fresh fruit and vegetable-based homemade cuisine.  

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