All Zodiac Signs' Luckiest Day of the Week April 8–14

Solar Eclipse New Moon in Aries will spotlight your first house of self, helping you flourish and attract abundance.


The planet of luck, abundance, and expansion, Jupiter, will leave Taurus in May. This will boost its vigor and help you understand this life phase.


In your wishes and community house, the Aries Solar Eclipse and New Moon rise. You're encouraged to change how you collaborate, network, and ask for support here.


The Solar Eclipse in your professional house and the New Moon in Aries will be potent for you. Every New Moon starts a new chapter in your life. This is where you'll change careers or majors.


Aries governs your life the week of April 8, bringing luck and abundance. It's also about helping you identify possibilities and understand why you need to backtrack to get on track.


Mercury Cazimi in Aries on Friday, April 12 will bless your metamorphosis and provide you a new beginning. Aries governs major life transitions and inheritance.


Since Aries rules your home of romance, you will still be dealing with personal concerns even if you are focused on career or life goals this week.


The week of April 8 reminds you to prioritize yourself to achieve your ideal life. Aries energy rules your well-being home, which is about feeling your best.


You're the zodiac seeker, always looking for information and significance, but you should also remember that happiness can be found just where you are.


Your house of home, family, and healing will be impacted by the Aries Solar Eclipse and New Moon, offering opportunities for growth.


The Aries Solar Eclipse accentuates your communication home. This includes how you talk to yourself and your agreements with others.


Despite the advice to avoid new ventures during Mercury retrograde, it's sometimes necessary. Many times, a new offer or prospect is just a return to a former route or dream.