Almost $20,000 for a Rare Bicentennial Quarter: Seven More Worth More Than $1,000

Rarity: Although millions of Bicentennial Quarters were manufactured, collectors are eager to get their hands on a select few that have unique qualities. 

Coins of this rarity are easily identifiable from the common kind by their unique minting mistakes, die variants, and striking abnormalities. 

How much a rare Bicentennial Quarter is worth depends on a number of variables, including its condition, its rarity, and the demand from collectors. 

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Coins are highly sought-after by numismatists, and flawless examples with distinctive features can fetch $20,000 or more at auction. 

There are just five known examples of the 1913 Liberty Head Nickel, making it one of the most precious and  

rare coins in American numismatics. A single piece can fetch millions of dollars. 

Proof examples of the 1916-D Mercury Dime, which was struck in Denver and features the famous winged Liberty head, can fetch several thousand dollars due to its extreme rarity and historical importance. 

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