Almost $99 million USD for a Rare Bicentennial Quarter: 9 Additional Gems Worth More Than $499,999

This is merely the beginning! Come along on an exciting adventure with us as we reveal nine more extraordinary diamonds, all worth more than $499,999. 

An extraordinary bicentennial quarter, valued at approximately $99 million USD, has emerged as the show-stopping centerpiece. 

Representing a watershed event in U.S. history, this numismatic treasure exemplifies the fascination with historical coins. 

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Although quarters tend to get all the attention, one underappreciated gem is the 1975 No S Proof Roosevelt Dime. 

This dime is a must-have for professional collectors due to its exceedingly high value—more than $500,000 USD— 

and its scarcity, which approaches that of its bicentennial counterpart. 

Looking back in time, numismatists consider the Liberty Head Nickel of 1913 to be a legendary item. 

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