Arrest warrant issued for Rashee Rice in Dallas, according to a report

According to WFAA (ABC8) in Dallas, an arrest warrant has been issued for Rashee Rice, a Kansas Chiefs wide receiver, in connection with a six-vehicle incident on March 30.

According to the arrest warrant, Rice, 23, now faces eight charges in the case, including six counts of bodily harm, one offense of serious bodily injury, and one count of aggravated assault.

Rice is tied to two vehicles: a Lamborghini, which he admitted to driving at the time, and a Corvette that was rented in his name. 

Rice's former teammate, SMU wide receiver Teddy Knox, is apparently facing the same charges.

The occupants of the Lamborghini and Corvette departed the scene, leaving many victims behind without sharing information or insurance, and without checking to ensure everyone's safety.

According to the police report, both automobiles had marijuana, credit cards, a $16,500 check, a diamond chain, and the Kansas City Chiefs playbook.

Two people were taken to the hospital after the incident, including a woman who required "several stitches."

Rice apologized on his official Instagram account last Wednesday, and his attorney, state Senator Royce West, held a press conference the next day to discuss the case.

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