Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott's $4-year, $24.9M contract and DeMarco Murray's.

The Cowboys signed draft picks later than other teams. Four of the nine signed rookie contracts Wednesday.

Fourth-round pick Ezekiel Elliott stood out. A source said Elliott will get $24.9 million guaranteed over four years and a $16.3 million signing bonus.

The rookie running back contract is the most since Trent Richardson's $20 million as the third overall pick in 2012.

Amari Cooper, last year's fourth overall pick, received $22.7 million guaranteed over four years.

Spotrac puts Elliott sixth in NFL running back earnings at $6.225 million. Elliott earns somewhat less than Tennessee Titans running back DeMarco Murray ($6.5 million per year).

All first-round picks have fifth-year options. The Cowboys signed sixth-round cornerback Anthony Brown, safety Kavon Frazier, and running back Darius Jackson.

Last Thursday, Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones revealed why none of their draft picks had signed.

"Those things aren't that difficult," Jones stated. "They'll finish. We wanted to evaluate this year. There have been some minor contract adjustments that probably don't matter to anyone else.To see how many teams did them. We thought this year we might calm down, examine how everyone is doing their contracts, take some notes, and then sign these guys.

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