Did you aware that sketching your favorite comfort food might improve your mood?

Comfort food has lots of carbs, fat, and sugar. Macaroni and cheese, creamy soups, ice cream, cookies, and cake are comfort foods. 

Comfort food can transport you to a simpler time when worry wasn't an issue, whether you're desiring calories or remembering your grandma's cookies 

Comfort food may relieve stress by raising brain serotonin. Serotonin regulates mood among other functions. Comfort food boosts brain serotonin 

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Life can feel out of control in our fast-paced society. Comfort food might help you feel in control and less stressed when you're stressed. 

Comfort food reminds us of loved ones. This is why comfort food is a terrific present and calms a loved one.  

Spoonful of Comfort makes it easy to send a comfortable care package of homemade soup, sweets, and rolls to a friend or family member in need. 

Spoonful of Comfort offers comfort meals and endorphin-boosting unboxing. Every bite reduces tension. 

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