Die Centennial Quarter Bonanza: Drei seltene Münzen, die jeweils $5 Million wert sind

This coin, mined during the nation's bicentennial year, is a patriotic wonder decorated with complex designs that represent America's rich history. 

One of the most mysterious and appealing coins from the Bicentennial Quarter Bonanza is the 1976-D Liberty Legacy. 

This numismatic mystery, of which there are merely a small number known to exist, has collectors all over the globe captivated. 

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The complex details of the Lady Liberty design enhance its allure, making it a symbol of both American freedom and the elusive treasures just waiting to be found. 

The 1787-P Founders' Fortune, a masterpiece of coinage that reflects the ideals of the Founding Fathers, is the centerpiece of the Bicentennial Quarter Bonanza. 

This unique jewel is proof that early American minting was an art form that required great precision and care. 

Collectors with a deep respect for the nation's history will swoon over the 1787-P Founders' Fortune due to its rareness and unparalleled historical importance. 

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