Dream Coin: 7 More Rare Gems Worth $1,200 or More

If you're a dedicated coin collector, you won't want to miss this listicle, which explores seven more of these rare coins. 

The 1849 Coronet Head Gold Double Eagle is an important coin in the history of numismatics. 

This coin was one of the first twenty dollars struck from gold by the United States Mint, and it was struck during the California Gold Rush. 

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The small number of known examples attests to its uniqueness, as does the fact that manufacture was extremely limited.  

This coin is highly sought after by collectors due to its rarity and historical importance, marking a critical juncture in the United States' monetary history. 

If it's in perfect condition, it can cost more than $1,200; the best examples can go for millions. 

Particularly in higher grades, when they become extremely rare, collectors desire this coin with all their heart. 

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