Find a Fish in Eleven Seconds with Your Hawk Eyes—An Optical Illusion IQ Test!

The fact that optical illusions may test our capacity to solve problems is one of their most intriguing features.  

Discover Your Hidden Personality Traits Through Your Ear Shape: A Personality Test 

Our reaction to visual illusions may be a reflection of how quickly and efficiently our brains absorb information, according to the research.  

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Someone with a more nimble mind, able to absorb information and make decisions more quickly, could be able to spot an illusion's trick more easily. 

A single fish is contained within a multi-layered, elaborately crafted picture.  

If you're up for the challenge, your goal is to find this evasive fish in under eleven seconds. 

In a triangle, how many sides are there? This Test Is Passed By Just 2% Of Hyper-Geniuses! 

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