Find out what each color of egg yolk means, from pale yellow to deep orange.

Eggshells are rainbow-colored, but did you know egg yolks are too? 

We've all seen store-bought cartons with pale yellow yolks and farmers market eggs with rich orange yolks. 

The egg yolk color secret Despite this frequent belief, the chicken breed does not effect egg yolk color, although it does affect eggshell color.  

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The fundamental difference between white and brown eggs. The hen's diet determines egg yolk color.  

A pale yellow egg and a rich orange-gold yolk have the same protein and fat, but a deeper yolk may have more vitamins and fewer cholesterol.  

An egg with a deeper yolk can add flavor to a simple French omelet with a few ingredients, but not in a hefty breakfast casserole. 

Eggs are a fantastic source of protein, regardless of yolk color. 

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