How vodka resists freezing

Vodka is mostly water and ethanol. Pure water freezes at 0ºC or 32ºF, while pure ethanol freezes at -114ºC or -173ºF. Due 

Vodka does freeze, but not at freezer temperatures. The freezing point of water is lowered below the -17°C of your normal freezer by vodka.  

Salt on ice walks and antifreeze in cars both lower freezing points. Russian vodka, with 40% ethanol by volume, has a freezing point of -26.95° C or -16.51° F. 

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Freeze distillation can boost vodka's alcohol level, especially if it's below 40 proof. Pour vodka into a basin and freeze. Add ice cubes to the basin after the liquid cools below freezing 

Ice cubes act as crystallization nuclei, like seed crystals in science projects. Alcohol content increases as vodka's free water crystallizes into ice. 

Beer and wine freeze well in a home freezer because they have less alcohol than distilled spirits. Wine has 12-15% alcohol by volume, while beer is 4-6% 

In a Siberian winter, vodka may freeze outdoors. Industrial freezers or liquid nitrogen can freeze it 

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