In this stunning nature shot, everyone can see the grass-covered rock, but few can spot the sneaky goat-like animal in the bushes.

The thick wool coats and rounded horns of these goat-and sheep-like creatures set them apart.  

The animal was been placed on the IUCN Red List as near endangered due to habitat degradation and poaching.  

At the Chapota, Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary in Uttarakhand, India, a photographer captured this baffling shot of one of these majestic tahrs resting on a rock face.  

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It seems like all you're seeing is a cliffside at first sight.  

However, somebody with perfect eyesight might be able to identify the elusive tahr in no time.  

Find the hiding animal as quickly as possible .

The tahr's magnificent coat of brush blends in with the surrounding grass in the snap, which makes it slightly less noticeable.  

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