1: Meet Lainey Wilson, a young woman who thought she found love in Yellowstone.

2: Sparks flew between Lainey and a handsome park ranger named Jake.

3: However, Jake's dark past and violent tendencies soon surfaced, shocking Lainey.

4: The once idyllic love story quickly turned into a nightmare for Lainey.

5: Lainey's determination to escape Jake's grip led to a thrilling chase through the park.

6: With the help of fellow rangers, Lainey narrowly escaped Jake's clutches.

7: Lainey's harrowing ordeal served as a cautionary tale for all visitors to Yellowstone.

8: Despite the trauma, Lainey found strength in the support of her loved ones.

9: Lainey's love story turned nightmare may have ended, but her resilience and bravery shine on.