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2: The legendary 1933 Double Eagle gold coin is one of the priciest ever stolen. Its whereabouts remain a mystery, captivating collectors worldwide.

3: Once stolen from a Berlin museum, the 100 kg Big Maple Leaf coin disappeared without a trace. Will its stunning heist ever be solved?

4: Minted in 1794, the Flowing Hair Dollar was stolen multiple times before reappearing in collector's markets. Learn about its turbulent past and present.

5: Travel back to ancient Rome when the unique 12 Caesars Aureus coins were minted. Some were stolen but have since been recovered; others still roam lost.

6: The rare 1804 Silver Dollar achieved immense value over the years. Discover the fascinating story behind its thefts and the few known surviving pieces.

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8: The Mona Lisa of coins, the 1913 Liberty Head Nickel, was stolen and hidden for years. Find out how these rare nickels resurfaced to spark legal battles.

9: Unearth the intriguing tales of stolen Spanish colonial coins, known as the "Pillar Dollars." Many were smuggled across the seas, yet some still remain elusive.