Only really bright people can complete this picture puzzle IQ test in just seven seconds.

Intriguing feats of visual magic known as optical illusions exploit the complex interplay between the two concepts.  

The mind is captivated and challenged by optical illusions, such as Escher's impossible stairs or figures that can be interpreted in two ways.  

We see distortions, size paradoxes, or illusory movements that contradict the laws of physics because the illusions take advantage of the brain's tendency to assume. 

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Our brains demonstrate the incredible flexibility of visual processing when we look at these mysterious creations, navigating contradictory information.  

Researchers in the fields of cognition and perception find optical illusions to be both visually stunning and useful. 

This Picture Puzzle IQ Test is designed for exceptionally bright individuals who are up for a mental challenge. 

The clock is ticking: you have seven seconds to find the error in the image. 

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