1: Taraji P Henson's new spinoff "Heartbreak Empire" has fans buzzing with excitement.

2: The show promises drama, intrigue, and of course, Taraji's undeniable talent.

3: But when news broke that "Empire" fans wouldn't see Cookie Lyon again, hearts shattered.

4: The spinoff explores Cookie's legacy and the power struggles within her empire.

5: Devoted viewers mourned the loss of their beloved character.

6: Despite the disappointment, fans are eager to see what new adventures await in "Heartbreak Empire."

7: Taraji P Henson's charisma and authenticity continue to captivate audiences.

8: While some fans may be devastated, the spinoff is sure to keep them on the edge of their seats.

9: Stay tuned for the latest updates on "Heartbreak Empire" as the story unfolds.