This explains why Korean women don't gain weight.

Korean women are famously fit, which has piqued global interest! 

The Korean diet emphasizes balance, unlike many other diets that restrict certain foods. No food is off limits for Korean women.  

Protein, carbohydrates, and fat are all part of a balanced Korean diet. Additionally 

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Additionally, Koreans are picky about portion proportions. They avoid overeating and exercise daily. 

Koreans adore vegetables, which helps them stay slender. Since most vegetables are fibrous, healthy, and low in calories, they aid weight loss.  

Korean women eat fermented side dishes with all their meals. These foods are gut-friendly and promote digestion. It boosts the immune system and assists weight loss. 

Korean ladies prefer home dining over outside dining. Knowing what's beneficial for them, they choose nutritious foods. 

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