Top 12 Dog Breeds for Loyal Loyal People

Although dogs vary greatly in size, temperament, and appearance, one trait that unites them all is their devotion to their human companions.  

From a guardian breed's watchful eye to a companion dog's reassuring nuzzle, this loyalty—a product of centuries of careful breeding and a mix of inherent instinct—displays itself in a variety of ways. 

We look at a variety of historical functions, behavioral characteristics, and anecdotal information to determine which breeds are the most loyal to their owners. 

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The steadfast devotion of these dog breeds is evidence of the ageless link between canines and their human companions. 

They bring back the memories of the affection and understanding that have always made dogs a part of people's lives.  

Instincts of devotion, protection, and affection are shaped not just by the histories and  

roles these breeds have performed alongside humans, but also by the characteristics that make them such wonderful companions. 

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