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The world of coin collecting is filled with fascinating finds and incredible values, with some of the most sought-after pieces being pennies from the 1800s.

These coins, often overlooked at the time of their minting, have become some of the most valuable and coveted items among collectors.


Here, we explore ten such pennies from the 1800s, each with a story that contributes to its staggering worth of up to $90 million USD.

1. 1849 Coronet Liberty Head Penny

The 1849 Coronet Liberty Head Penny is one of the rarest and most valuable coins in American numismatics.

Minted in a time of significant growth and change in the United States, this penny is valued not just for its age but for its historical significance during the Gold Rush era.

With only a handful of specimens known to exist, its rarity and pristine condition can push its value to the millions, making it a cornerstone piece for any serious collector.

2. 1856 Flying Eagle Cent

The 1856 Flying Eagle Cent is a coin of great numismatic importance, primarily because it was a pattern coin not intended for public circulation.

Its unique design and limited production run make it extremely rare, with collectors willing to pay top dollar for one of these elusive coins.

Its historical significance, marking a transition in American coinage, adds to its allure and monetary value.

3. 1877 Indian Head Penny

The 1877 Indian Head Penny is known as the “king” of Indian Head cents due to its rarity, especially in mint condition.

The economic downturn of 1877 resulted in a much lower mintage than in other years, making this coin a rare find today.

Collectors prize this penny for both its beauty and scarcity, with high-grade examples fetching astronomical prices at auction.

4. 1852 Braided Hair Large Cent

The 1852 Braided Hair Large Cent represents the end of an era for large pennies in America. Its detailed design and the craftsmanship make it a favorite among collectors, especially those in mint condition or with unique die varieties.

Its value is enhanced by its historical context, marking a period of transition in American coinage.

5. 1864 L Indian Head Penny (Bronze)

The 1864 L Indian Head Penny, particularly the bronze version with the designer’s initial “L” on the ribbon, is a key rarity.

The introduction of this initial marked a significant change in the design and composition of the penny, making early specimens with the “L” highly sought after. Its rarity and historical significance make it a valuable addition to any collection.

6. 1795 Flowing Hair, Chain Reverse Cent

Although minted in the late 18th century, the 1793 Flowing Hair, Chain Reverse Cent is a cornerstone for collectors of 19th-century American pennies due to its historical significance as one of the first coins produced by the newly established United States Mint.

Its unique design and the symbolic representation of the chain linking the states together make it a highly valued piece, with specimens in good condition fetching incredible sums.

7. 1793 Wreath Cent

Following the Chain Reverse Cent, the 1793 Wreath Cent introduced a new design that was more favorably received by the public. Its rarity, age, and the fact that it represents one of the earliest minting efforts in the U.S. contribute to its high value among collectors.

Pristine examples of this coin are exceedingly rare and command high prices when they appear on the market.

8. 1823 Coronet Head Large Cent

The 1823 Coronet Head Large Cent is a rarity due to its low mintage numbers and the survival rate of high-quality specimens.

This coin is particularly sought after by collectors specializing in early 19th-century American coinage, with its value significantly increasing for coins in uncirculated condition.

9. 1839 Booby Head Large Cent

The 1839 Booby Head Large Cent earns its place on this list due to its unique design flaw, which led to its nickname.

This variant of the Coronet Head Large Cent features a misshapen bust of Liberty that collectors find particularly intriguing. Its rarity and the story behind its design make it a valuable piece for collectors.

10. 1804 Draped Bust Penny

The 1804 Draped Bust Penny is another rare find, with few specimens surviving in high-grade condition.

Its age, combined with its historical significance and the beauty of its design, make it a highly coveted item for collectors. The value of this penny can soar, especially for well-preserved examples.


Collecting pennies from the 1800s is not just a hobby; it’s a journey through the rich history of American coinage. Each of these ten pennies holds a unique story that reflects the economic, political, and social changes of its time.

Their rarity and historical significance have made them some of the most valuable coins in the world, with collectors willing to pay millions for the privilege of adding them to their collections.

Whether you’re a seasoned numismatist or new to the world of coin collecting, the allure of these 19th-century pennies is undeniable, each offering a tangible connection to the past and an investment in history.

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