‘Ali Al-Bulayhi Acted in Front of Referee’: Al Nassr Coach Criticises Cristiano Ronaldo Red Card Decision

In a recent statement, Al Nassr manager Luis Castro expressed his dissatisfaction with the controversial red card given to Cristiano Ronaldo during their Saudi Cup semi-final clash against Al Hilal.

The match, which ended in a 1-2 defeat for Al Nassr, saw Ronaldo receiving a straight red card in the second half, leading to heated debates about the referee’s decision.


Unfair Judgement, Unhappy Manager

Castro openly criticized the referee’s actions, particularly highlighting the incident involving Al Nassr’s star player, Ronaldo.

According to Castro, “Ali Al-Bulayhi acted in front of the referee and Ronaldo.

The decision was incorrect.” He further emphasized that he saw no valid reason for Ronaldo’s expulsion from the match, adding, “I will not talk about the shot of the legend Cristiano Ronaldo because I do not see that he did anything that deserved to be expelled.”

Events Leading to the Red Card

The controversy unfolded during a tense moment in the semi-final when Ronaldo contested a disallowed goal due to offside in the first half.

This incident led to a heated argument between the Portuguese forward and the referee, resulting in Ronaldo receiving a booking for his actions.

In the second half, the situation escalated further when Ronaldo was shown a straight red card for elbowing Al Hilal defender Al-Bulayhi in the 86th minute.

This action not only affected the outcome of the match but also triggered repercussions for Ronaldo and his team.

Ronaldo’s Suspension and Fine

As a consequence of the red card, Cristiano Ronaldo is expected to serve a two-match suspension for his aggressive behavior during the game.

Additionally, he will be required to pay a fine ranging from 10,000 to 20,000 riyals for his booking.

This disciplinary action implies that Ronaldo is likely to miss crucial upcoming matches against Al Fahya and Al Khaleej.

VAR Controversy

Castro raised concerns about the absence of VAR (Video Assistant Referee) intervention during the pivotal moment of the match.

He emphasized that VAR should have been utilized to prevent such controversial decisions. According to Castro, “The VAR referee was supposed to call the main referee, and this is my personal opinion.”

Al Nassr’s Reaction

The Al Nassr camp was visibly disappointed by the outcome of the match and the subsequent repercussions.

The team’s manager and players have voiced their support for Ronaldo, citing the incident as a contentious example of officiating in football.

Impact on Al Nassr’s Campaign

Ronaldo’s absence due to suspension will undoubtedly impact Al Nassr’s performance in upcoming fixtures.

His prolific goal-scoring abilities will be sorely missed, potentially affecting the team’s overall strategy and morale.

Al Hilal’s Advancement to the Final

Following the controversial red card, Al Hilal secured their place in the Saudi Super Cup final.

The incident has stirred discussions not only about the match itself but also about the broader implications of refereeing standards in competitive football.

Al-Bulayhi’s Role in the Incident

Castro was critical of Al-Bulayhi’s actions during the match, accusing him of simulation.

According to Castro, the defender feigned injury following minimal contact with Ronaldo, exploiting the situation to his advantage.

The Need for Refereeing Accountability

The incident has reignited debates about the accountability of referees and the role of technology in modern football.

Many argue that VAR should have intervened to ensure fair play and prevent contentious decisions that can alter the course of important matches.

Future Implications for Ronaldo

Ronaldo’s disciplinary setback raises questions about his future contributions to Al Nassr’s campaign and his overall impact on the team’s performance in the Saudi Cup and other competitions.

Looking Ahead

As the football world reflects on this incident, the focus shifts to the upcoming matches and the strategies that Al Nassr will employ in Ronaldo’s absence.

The team will need to regroup and adapt to this setback to maintain their competitive edge.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What were the circumstances leading to Ronaldo’s red card?

Ronaldo’s red card stemmed from a contentious moment in the Saudi Cup semi-final against Al Hilal.

He was initially booked for disputing a disallowed goal and received a straight red card later in the match for elbowing an opponent.

2. How long is Ronaldo expected to be suspended?

Ronaldo is facing a two-match suspension as a consequence of his red card in the semi-final.

This suspension will impact his participation in upcoming fixtures for Al Nassr.

3. Is there any recourse for disputing the red card decision?

While red card decisions can be appealed, the process and likelihood of success vary depending on the governing football association’s rules and regulations.

4. How has the Al Nassr team reacted to the incident?

The Al Nassr team, including manager Luis Castro, has expressed disappointment and disbelief regarding the red card decision.

They believe that Ronaldo’s expulsion was unjustified and have called for greater accountability in officiating.

5. What implications does this incident have for VAR implementation in Saudi football?

The incident has prompted discussions about the efficacy and necessity of VAR in Saudi football.

Many are advocating for broader implementation of technology to minimize controversial decisions during matches.

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