Explained: Why Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t playing for Al-Nassr in the Saudi Pro League

Suspension Keeps Ronaldo Out

Cristiano Ronaldo will be notably absent from Al-Nassr’s upcoming Saudi Pro League match against Al Feiha due to a suspension.

This absence stems from a recent red card incident during their clash against league leaders Al-Hilal.


The Incident

During the last game, Ronaldo received a red card for an elbow incident, resulting in his suspension.

This disciplinary action has sidelined the Portuguese superstar for the next two matches, including the critical fixture against Al Feiha.

Impact on Al-Nassr

Ronaldo’s absence is a significant blow to Al-Nassr.

Throughout this season, he has been instrumental in their performance, scoring an impressive 36 goals in 37 games across all competitions.

Additionally, he has provided 12 assists, showcasing his pivotal role within the team.

Consequently, his unavailability will be keenly felt during this crucial period of the season.

Temporary Coaching Change

Notably, Al-Nassr will also miss their coach, Luis Castro, for the upcoming fixture due to health reasons, as he has been advised to take a temporary break.

The Road Ahead

Upcoming Matches

After the Al Feiha game, Al-Nassr’s next matches are against Al Taee and Al Khaleej in the Saudi Pro League.

These fixtures will be challenging without the presence of their star player, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Al-Taee Match: Scheduled for April 25, 2024, at 20:30

Al-Khaleej Match: Set for April 27, 2024, at 23:30

Ronaldo’s Return

Following his suspension period, Ronaldo is expected to return to action on May 1, coinciding with the King Cup of Champions semi-final against Al Khaleej.

His return will be eagerly anticipated by Al-Nassr fans, hoping for his immediate impact on the team’s performance.

Ronaldo’s Season at Al-

Dominant Performance

Ronaldo’s tenure at Al-Nassr has been remarkable.

His scoring prowess with 36 goals in 37 appearances across various competitions has been instrumental in Al-Nassr’s campaign this season.

Additionally, his 12 assists underline his versatility and impact on the team’s overall gameplay.

Impact of Suspension

However, Ronaldo’s two-match ban due to the elbow incident has interrupted his stellar run and deprived Al-Nassr of his services during a critical phase of their season.

Al-Nassr’s Title Ambitions

League Standings

Despite Ronaldo’s exceptional form, Al-Nassr faces an uphill battle for domestic glory this season.

They currently trail league leaders Al-Hilal by 12 points, a significant margin to overcome with only a few games remaining.

Team Comparisons

Al-Nassr’s five losses contrast starkly with Al-Hilal’s unbeaten streak, highlighting the challenges the team has encountered this season.

Ronaldo’s Return Timeline

King Cup Semifinal

The anticipated return of Cristiano Ronaldo on May 1 for the King Cup semifinal against Al Khaleej presents a pivotal moment for Al-Nassr.

His presence could be decisive in their pursuit of silverware this season.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why was Ronaldo suspended?

Ronaldo received a two-match suspension due to a red card incident involving an elbow during a game against Al-Hilal.

2. How many goals has Ronaldo scored this season?

Ronaldo has scored an impressive 36 goals in 37 games across all competitions for Al-Nassr this season.

3. How long is Al-Nassr’s coach expected to be absent?

Al-Nassr’s coach, Luis Castro, is on a temporary break due to health reasons.

The duration of his absence is currently unspecified.

4. Can Al-Nassr still win the league without Ronaldo?

Al-Nassr faces a challenging task to clinch the league title given their current standings and the absence of Ronaldo for crucial matches.

5. When will Ronaldo return to action?

Ronaldo is set to return on May 1 for the King Cup of Champions semifinal against Al Khaleej, following the completion of his two-match suspension.

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