Kevin Costner Reacts to John Mulaney’s ‘Genius’ “Field of Dreams” Oscars Bit as Movie Turns 35 (Exclusive)

Kevin Costner, renowned for his role as Ray Kinsella in the iconic 1989 film “Field of Dreams,” recently shared his thoughts on John Mulaney’s comedic homage to the movie during the 2024 Oscars.

Costner, now 69 years old, expressed his admiration for Mulaney’s unique take on the film’s plot while presenting at the prestigious awards ceremony.


In an interview with PEOPLE, Costner praised Mulaney’s clever interpretation, emphasizing how impressed he was by the comedian’s comedic timing and delivery.

He described Mulaney as “gifted” and highlighted the comedian’s ability to captivate the audience with his humor, even amidst the fast-paced environment of the Oscars.

Mulaney’s Comedic Rendition of “Field of Dreams”

During his presentation of the Best Sound award at the Oscars, Mulaney delighted the audience with a comedic riff on “Field of Dreams.”

He playfully recounted pivotal scenes from the film, humorously narrating Ray Kinsella’s decision to transform his cornfield into a baseball diamond, despite financial concerns.

Mulaney’s witty commentary touched on the iconic quote, “If you build it, he will come,” and the whimsical concept of watching ghosts play baseball.

Costner, reflecting on Mulaney’s performance, expressed his genuine appreciation for the comedian’s comedic genius and noted the heartfelt sentiment underlying Mulaney’s humorous portrayal.

The Enduring Legacy of “Field of Dreams”

“Field of Dreams” remains a beloved classic that continues to resonate with audiences worldwide, transcending generations with its poignant storytelling and nostalgic charm.

Directed by Phil Alden Robinson, the film stars Kevin Costner as Ray Kinsella, a disillusioned farmer who experiences a mystical journey guided by whispered messages urging him to construct a baseball field on his property.

The movie beautifully captures themes of second chances, redemption, and the power of belief, drawing viewers into a heartfelt narrative that explores the intersection of dreams and reality.

Costner’s portrayal of Ray Kinsella earned him critical acclaim and solidified his status as one of Hollywood’s most revered actors.

Reflecting on Co-Stars and Collaborators

Throughout his career, Kevin Costner has collaborated with a talented ensemble of actors and filmmakers who contributed to the enduring success of “Field of Dreams.”

The film features memorable performances by Ray Liotta as Shoeless Joe Jackson, James Earl Jones as Terence Mann, Amy Madigan as Annie Kinsella, and other notable talents who brought depth and authenticity to their characters.

Costner’s reflections on the late Ray Liotta’s passing underscore the profound impact of their on-screen chemistry and shared experiences during the filming process.

Liotta’s portrayal of Shoeless Joe Jackson remains a cherished aspect of the film’s legacy, celebrated by fans and colleagues alike.

Legacy and Cultural Impact

“Field of Dreams” transcends its role as a sports drama, resonating with audiences through its universal themes and timeless storytelling.

The film’s enduring popularity has inspired countless tributes, adaptations, and cultural references, cementing its status as a cherished piece of cinematic history.

In the wake of its 35th anniversary, “Field of Dreams” continues to evoke nostalgia and provoke meaningful discussions about faith, destiny, and the pursuit of dreams.

Kevin Costner’s enduring connection to the film reflects its profound impact on his career and personal journey as an artist.

Paying Tribute to Ray Liotta

The passing of Ray Liotta in 2022 deeply affected Kevin Costner, who fondly remembered his late co-star’s contributions to “Field of Dreams.”

Liotta’s portrayal of Shoeless Joe Jackson left an indelible mark on the film’s legacy, with Costner expressing heartfelt condolences and acknowledging Liotta’s enduring influence on their shared cinematic experience.

Costner’s tribute to Liotta underscores the lasting bonds forged on set and the profound camaraderie among cast members, highlighting the emotional resonance of their collaborative efforts.

Conclusion: A Timeless Tale of Dreams and Redemption

In conclusion, the 35th anniversary of “Field of Dreams” invites reflection on its enduring legacy and cultural significance.

Kevin Costner’s reflections on John Mulaney’s Oscars tribute, coupled with heartfelt remembrances of his late co-star Ray Liotta, offer poignant insights into the film’s lasting impact on audiences and the film industry.

“Field of Dreams” remains a testament to the power of storytelling, reminding viewers of the importance of embracing dreams and believing in second chances.

As we celebrate this milestone anniversary, let us continue to cherish the magic of “Field of Dreams” and its timeless message of hope and redemption.

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