Ryan Garcia vs. Devin Haney: Best photos from fight, buildup to bout at Barclays

In the pulsating world of professional boxing, every match carries with it a story—a narrative of grit, determination, and rivalry.

None epitomize this more than the clash between Ryan Garcia and Devin Haney, two titans of the lightweight division whose showdown at Barclays Center was the talk of the town.


Beyond the punches thrown and the rounds fought, the spectacle was beautifully immortalized by the lens of photographers capturing every moment of the fight and the buildup to it.

Join us on a visual odyssey as we explore the best photos from the Garcia vs.

Haney bout, chronicling the intensity, emotion, and spectacle that unfolded both inside and outside the ring.

The Buildup:

The crescendo of excitement leading up to the bout was palpable, and photographers were on hand to document every beat of it.

From the tense face-offs at press conferences to the sweat-drenched workouts in the gym, the buildup to the Garcia vs.

Haney showdown was a feast for the eyes. Photographers captured the determination etched on the fighters’ faces as they went through their paces, the anticipation of the impending clash evident in every shot.

Media events, public appearances, and weigh-ins were all meticulously documented, offering fans a glimpse into the psyche of the fighters as they prepared for battle.

The Arrival:

As fight night approached, the buzz outside Barclays Center was electric.

Fans poured into the arena, their excitement palpable as they eagerly awaited the spectacle that was about to unfold.

Photographers captured the sea of faces, each one a study in anticipation and passion, as they filed into the arena.

Inside, the fighters made their grand entrances, bathed in the glow of spotlights and surrounded by the deafening roar of the crowd.

Every step, every gesture was captured by the watchful lenses of photographers, ensuring that no moment was lost to history.

The Fight:

As the bell rang and the fighters touched gloves, the arena erupted in a cacophony of noise.

Ringside photographers were poised and ready, their cameras trained on the action unfolding before them.

Every jab, every hook, every dodge was captured in stunning detail, immortalized for eternity in the images captured by the photographers’ lenses.

The intensity of the exchanges, the determination etched on the fighters’ faces, the raw emotion of the crowd—all were beautifully documented, allowing fans to relive the drama of the fight long after the final bell had tolled.

The Knockdowns:

The defining moments of the fight came when Garcia knocked Haney down not once, not twice, but three times.

Each knockdown was captured in breathtaking detail by ringside photographers, freezing the action in time for eternity.

The look of shock on Haney’s face as he hit the canvas, the determination in Garcia’s eyes as he pressed his advantage—all were immortalized in the stunning images captured by the photographers’ lenses.

These moments, frozen in time, will forever be etched in the annals of boxing history as a testament to the skill, determination, and heart of both fighters.

The Celebration:

As the final bell rang and the dust settled, photographers turned their lenses towards the celebration unfolding in the ring.

Garcia’s triumphant victory, Haney’s gracious defeat, the jubilant expressions of the victor’s corner—all were captured in stunning detail, preserving the raw emotion of the moment for posterity.

Outside the ring, fans spilled out of the arena, their faces a mix of elation and disappointment, as they reflected on the spectacle they had just witnessed.

Photographers captured it all, ensuring that every moment of the historic event was immortalized for generations to come.


The clash between Ryan Garcia and Devin Haney at Barclays Center was more than just a fight—it was an epic showdown that captured the imagination of fans around the world.

Through the lens of photographers, every moment of the buildup to the bout and the drama of fight night was beautifully documented, preserving the intensity, emotion, and spectacle of the event for eternity.

As fans look back on the Garcia vs. Haney showdown in the years to come, they will do so through the eyes of the photographers who captured every moment, ensuring that the legacy of this historic event lives on forever.

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