Simone Biles Says She and Better half Jonathan Owens Argue About Who’s the Better Athlete

Simone Biles, the gymnastic marvel defying gravity, and her husband, Jonathan Owens, a gridiron warrior, engage in lighthearted banter over who holds the title of ultimate athlete.

Their playful exchanges reverberate through their home, echoing like vaults and somersaults against the walls.


Let’s delve into their friendly rivalry and explore the reasons behind their claims.

Simone Biles:

The Gymnastics Dynamo With four Olympic gold medals and numerous other accolades, Simone is a powerhouse on the mat.

Her routines challenge the laws of physics, twisting and soaring through the air with precision and grace.

Balancing on the beam, she moves like a celestial being, her medals shimmering like constellations—a testament to her dedication and pursuit of excellence.

Jonathan Owens:

The Gridiron Warrior Jonathan thrives on the football field, weaving patterns of speed, agility, and strategy.

His tackles resonate like thunder, while touchdowns ignite the crowd’s fervor.

His playbook is a symphony of X’s and O’s, orchestrated with finesse as he charges forward, defying opponents and gravity alike.

The Great Debate:

Difficulty and Ability In their living room, they playfully spar, with Simone showcasing flawless routines while Jonathan mimics her moves, determined but stumbling.

They celebrate each other’s victories, teasing about who’s the better athlete.

Jonathan concedes, wrapping Simone in a bear hug, acknowledging her prowess while cherishing his role as her biggest fan.

Gymnastics vs. Football:

The Battle of Intensity Simone argues for gymnastics as the pinnacle of athleticism, citing its precision and mental fortitude under pressure.

Jonathan counters, championing football’s raw power and strategic complexity.

The Secret Weapon:

Simone’s Workout Their debate extends to their workouts, with Jonathan barely surviving Simone’s gymnastic routine and Simone excelling in an NFL workout.

Jonathan concedes defeat, acknowledging the intensity of Simone’s training.

The Catch Controversy Jonathan’s comment about being the “catch” in their relationship sparks controversy, but the couple weathers it together,

reaffirming their love and spending Christmas in matching PJs.

The True Victory Simone and Jonathan find victory in each other’s company, their playful rivalry a testament to their shared passion for sports and mutual respect.

As they laugh, sweat, and celebrate, they build a legacy that transcends sports.


Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens’ playful arguments reflect their competitive spirits and shared love for sports.

Their banter offers insight into the complexities of gymnastics and football, reminding fans

that sports are about more than just winning or losing—they’re about the joy of competition and the bonds forged through athletic excellence.

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