Skinny Shrimp and Avocado Salad with a Cilantro Lime Dressing

Indulge in a delightful blend of flavors with this Skinny Shrimp and Avocado Salad with a zesty Cilantro Lime Dressing.

Packed with protein, healthy fats, and vibrant colors, this salad is a perfect balance of freshness and satisfaction.


Whether you’re aiming for a light lunch or a refreshing dinner option, this recipe promises to tantalize your taste buds while keeping your health goals in check.


For the salad:

  • 1 pound large shrimp, peeled and deveined
  • 2 ripe avocados, diced
  • 1 cup cherry tomatoes, halved
  • 1/2 red onion, thinly sliced
  • 1/4 cup fresh cilantro, chopped
  • Salt and pepper to taste

For the dressing:

  • 1/4 cup fresh lime juice
  • 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 tablespoon honey (or maple syrup for vegan option)
  • 2 tablespoons fresh cilantro, chopped
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  • Large skillet
  • Mixing bowls
  • Whisk
  • Salad serving bowl


Cook the shrimp:

In a large skillet over medium heat, cook the shrimp until pink and opaque, about 2-3 minutes per side.

Season with salt and pepper to taste. Once cooked, remove from heat and set aside to cool.

Prepare the salad ingredients:

In a large mixing bowl, combine the diced avocado, halved cherry tomatoes, thinly sliced red onion, and chopped cilantro.

Make the dressing:

In a small bowl, whisk together the lime juice, extra virgin olive oil, minced garlic, honey, chopped cilantro, salt, and pepper until well combined.

Assemble the salad:

Add the cooked shrimp to the bowl of salad ingredients.

Pour the dressing over the salad and gently toss until everything is evenly coated.


Transfer the salad to a serving bowl and garnish with additional cilantro if desired.

Serve immediately and enjoy!

    Nutritional Facts

    Per serving (serves 4)

    • Calories: 290
    • Total Fat: 18g
    • Saturated Fat: 2.5g
    • Cholesterol: 170mg
    • Sodium: 380mg
    • Total Carbohydrate: 14g
    • Dietary Fiber: 6g
    • Sugars: 5g
    • Protein: 23g

    Health Benefits

    Indulging in this Skinny Shrimp and Avocado Salad offers numerous health benefits.

    Shrimp is a low-calorie, high-protein seafood option that supports muscle growth and repair.

    Avocado provides heart-healthy monounsaturated fats and fiber, promoting satiety and aiding in digestion.

    The abundance of fresh vegetables in this salad offers a variety of vitamins, minerals,

    and antioxidants, supporting overall health and immune function.

    Additionally, the cilantro lime dressing adds a burst of flavor without excess calories or unhealthy fats.


    Q1: Can I substitute the shrimp with another protein?

    A1: Yes, you can substitute shrimp with grilled chicken, tofu, or even chickpeas for a vegetarian option.

    Q2: Can I make the dressing ahead of time?

    A2: Absolutely!

    The dressing can be prepared and stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.

    Q3: Can I adjust the sweetness of the dressing?

    A3: Certainly!

    Feel free to adjust the amount of honey or maple syrup to suit your taste preferences.

    Q4: How long will the assembled salad last in the refrigerator?

    A4: The assembled salad is best enjoyed immediately to prevent the avocado from browning,

    but it can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 1 day.

    Q5: Can I add other vegetables to the salad?

    A5: Of course!

    Feel free to customize the salad with your favorite vegetables such as bell peppers, cucumbers, or spinach.

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