“Active law enforcement incident” at Woodbury Target store leads to shelter-in-place order

On a Monday morning in Woodbury, Minnesota, there was a significant police presence reported outside a Target store located in the Valley Creek Plaza.

Woodbury city officials took to social media to advise the public to avoid the area near Valley Creek Drive, just east of Interstate 494.


Request to Stay Away

Residents in the vicinity were alerted to shelter in place due to what officials described as an “active law enforcement incident.”

This advisory was issued by local authorities as they responded to the situation unfolding at the Target store.

Visible Deployment

Aerial footage captured at the scene showed the deployment of a SWAT vehicle alongside multiple Woodbury police squad vehicles in the store’s parking lot.

Law enforcement officers were observed surrounding the area as they managed the unfolding incident.

Establishment of Perimeter

Police tape was deployed to establish a perimeter around the parking lot, further emphasizing the seriousness of the ongoing situation.

The incident remains under active investigation, and updates are anticipated as the situation develops.

The unexpected police activity near a popular shopping area in Woodbury has understandably raised concerns among residents and local businesses.

As authorities continue to manage the situation, it’s essential to stay informed about the latest updates and to prioritize safety in the community.

Community Response and Engagement

In situations like this, communities often come together to support one another and stay vigilant.

Local businesses and residents are encouraged to follow guidance from law enforcement officials and to avoid unnecessary risks by steering clear of the affected area until the situation is resolved.

Ensuring Public Safety

Law enforcement agencies work tirelessly to ensure public safety and maintain order during such incidents.

The visible presence of multiple police vehicles and officers underscores the seriousness with which authorities are addressing the situation.

Ongoing Investigation and Updates

As the investigation unfolds, authorities will continue to provide updates to the public through official channels.

It’s important for residents to rely on verified sources of information to avoid misinformation or speculation during this time.

Impact on Local Businesses

Incidents like this can have a temporary impact on nearby businesses and daily activities.

It’s advisable for business owners and employees in the area to exercise caution and cooperate with law enforcement directives until the situation is fully resolved.


In conclusion, the situation outside the Target store in Woodbury highlights the responsiveness and professionalism of law enforcement agencies in handling unexpected events.

While the incident remains under investigation, it’s crucial for the community to prioritize safety and stay informed through official updates.

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